What We Stand For


EPD Futbol’s Mission is to improve the game of football (soccer) and provide opportunities for development of players, instilling in them the skills, desire, and knowledge of the game, along with the capacity to compete at the highest levels of competitive soccer.


EPD Futbol’s Vision is to be the exemplary program for the development of football (soccer) players in California, the United States, and beyond.



We believe education is a critical element in achieving top levels of performance. Athletes of our program manage, process, and apply different concepts to an array of scenarios in an effort to constantly improve their game on a daily basis and strengthen their character.



We believe in giving back to the sport and are constantly strengthening our platform to maximize the opportunities for development of others. Our love for the sport drives us to enhance our focus on the player, the quality of the game, quality of service, and service to the community.



We believe that succeeding in the sport and maximizing opportunities require a great deal of diligence, determination, and dedication. When embraced, our tools and methods will help our athletes develop faster, more effectively, and improve their abilities and performance.




This is not a job; we are a passionate lifestyle. The beautiful game brings with it challenges and setbacks that can only be surpassed by a devotion to success and the will to overcome. We strive to be better than we were yesterday and exist to help those that are willing to do whatever it takes.




We are constantly pushing ourselves to new grounds and breaking barriers. We expose our athletes to new challenges daily to reassure them that there is always something greater to achieve. It reveals their multi-dimensional character and encourages them to be creative in their pursuit of better. The possibilities are limitless.




We believe in the doing what we love. We are committed to staying upbeat, enjoyable, and engaging; our positivity throughout development makes challenges that much more exciting and easier to overcome. This keeps us humble and reminds us why we started practicing the sport in the first place.



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